As most of you can tell Emma Nelson got herself an Online journal..nice?I guess you could say that.I'm happy that i only have this year, then one more year left of degrassi left,and i'm done=D.Yes yes you guessed it i'm in grade 11,and I've changed alot over years.I use to be that Activist girl, who stood up for everything she believed was wrong.Then i hit grade 10,and everything went down hill.First the shooting,then hooking-up with Jay and getting a nasty diese!Sean leaving, everything happened so fast,and when i 'recovered',i guess you could call it that,i lost my whole inspiration to stand up for what was wrong.I learned how to let loose,not too loose,and just have some fun.
So over the Summer me and manny hung out,alot,at the pool.Tried getting a tan,and all that fun stuff.Then the disgustingyet cute peter decided to take advantage of her being drunk,and filmed her taking her top off,and showing it to the school.So since her parents kicked her out,she now lives with me.Yeah we fight, but other than that i love having her around.I guess you could say, as my support system.So i think i've filled you in on my life so far.If you need to reach me IM me at Em needs noone


p.s. this journal is friends only